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Solomon Adesanya – House District 43

I am running for the State House of Representatives in District 43. My primary legislative focus will be on economic development, quality public education, expansion of Medicaid, protecting women's right to choose, and preserving our climate.

I am committed to working tirelessly to provide immediate and long-term solutions to my constituents and every Georgian.

As a father, husband, and small business owner here in Cobb County. I understand the everyday struggle of Georgians. I continually seek ways to improve my community. I am a lifelong Democrat and currently serve on the County's Committee At-Large Post Seat term, where I vote on the party by-laws.


The economic fallout has proven to be financially unsustainable for many small businesses, even with aid from the Federal government. Many small businesses made the difficult decision to permanently close and won’t ever reopen. To encourage small businesses in Cobb County, we need to offer start-up incentives and take steps to create a “business-friendly” environment. These steps include tax credits, worker training, zoning changes, low-interest loans, infrastructure improvements, and help with fast-tracking licensing and permitting.

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Public Service

We deserve leadership with new and inclusive ideas. I will fight every day to make sure our district continues to grow and remains the best place to raise a family. It is my focus to keep Cobb safe, growing, and forward-thinking. 

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