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A husband, father, community advocate, proudly Democrat.

Solomon Adesanya is a second-generation American and a member of the Georgia House of Representatives. He often talks about his father's ideals, which were hope and the belief in the American dream. His father moved to the United States from Nigeria in 1970 to study Chemistry at the University of Illinois in Springfield. Solomon Adesanya is a graduate of Georgia State University and an entrepreneur; he owns the Kale Me Crazy restaurant in Smyrna and Marietta. He is constantly seeking ways to improve his community. In 2022, Solomon won his primary race for Georgia House of Representatives with 57% of the vote. He later went on to win the general election with 56% of the vote.


Solomon understands that when we give opportunities to every Georgian, our state is more robust, and our future is more secure. As State Representative, Solomon will continue to fight for our community because everyone deserves the opportunity to live the American dream.

Solomon Adesanya is married to Ashleigh Adesanya. Together, they are raising their daughters Grace, Joi, and Noelle in Marietta, "The Gem City" of Georgia.

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