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Solomon's Vision

" I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember; and that's why I want to work for you! We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools resources, push for Medicaid expansion, protect our climate, shelter our women's right to chose, and make public safety a top priority. 

I am committed to working tirelessly to provide immediate and long-term solutions in East Cobb and for every Georgian."


As a public school advocate and a father of two girls in Cobb County public schools, I commit to ensuring a well-rounded K-12 education for every student while addressing the academic and non-academic needs that often impact student's achievement.

​Teachers and schools have traditionally been on the front lines for students. For the past two years, teacher shortages have worsened due to a lack of support, resources, and adequate compensation. I will support legislation that ensures educators are paid just like other top professions so we can continue to attract, retain, and develop effective teachers and leaders.



We have to change the structures and the systems that foster hate crimes and other forms of discrimination in accordance with civil rights laws. Keeping our communities safe is paramount. All Georgians should be encouraged to talk about their commonalities and differences, and share their aligned vision of safe and healthy communities.

Promote Small Businesses


Small business is the heart of the community. Community thrives because of small businesses. Many small businesses closed down over the past two years and never made it back to existence. I will support legislation promoting small businesses, gain access to capital, and streamline regulations that affect small businesses.



Georgia is one of the 14 states that has not adopted the expansion of Medicaid eligibility. In Georgia, many adults do not qualify for Medicaid. Adults between ages 19 and 64 without dependent children cannot get Medicaid coverage, and adults with dependents need to make below about $7,000 a year for a family of three to qualify. There is no convincing logic behind such a policy.

Expanding Medicaid will bring billions of our federal tax dollars back home to Georgia, help more people see a doctor, and keep Cobb County hospitals open. I will fight for Georgians to advance legislation that will expand Medicaid for Georgians.

Women's Rights

Inclusivity doesn't limit itself to differences in color, race or national identities, but also extends itself to gender specific policies and rights. As the father of two girls, I believe in creating an environment where women are free to choose the fate of their own bodies. Leaving this right up to government is crucial and detrimental, and I will fight to stand beside women against the riot on them.


The global warming that’s changing our climate is already having dire consequences. Rising temperatures have worsened extreme weather events. The global warming trend is increasingly disrupting our climate, and this affects all of us. When climate changes, so will the distribution of agricultural activity and productivity. We have to enact legislation that protects our environment by shifting away from burning fossil fuels and chopping down our forests, causing average temperatures to rise worldwide.


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